Equine Rehabilitation





Rehabilitation Board

Creekside Farm Rehabilitation Board is catered to performance horses who are suffering from

injuries that require stall rest, time off, and hands on rehabilitation to get them back into the show ring.

It is our belief that proper rehabilitation can only be successful when horses receive a hands on

approach to their care and daily routine.We believe that in a world of modern medical technology,

hand walking and hands on care are still the best and most proven ways to rehabilitate a horse.

We strive to keep our horses content and safe by using small aperture hay nets and sedation if needed.


At Creekside, our horses in rehabilitation board receive the following daily services:


  • Tailored rehabilitation schedule overseen by veterinarian based on specific injury
  • Daily wrapping and bandaging as needed
  • Sedation as needed
  • Daily hand walking and grazing
  • Tack walking
  • Flat work and legging up post treatment



  • Full Service Rehabilitation Board- $950.00 per month



Our rehab program is recommended by Magda Wylie DVM of South Carolina Equine Associates in Camden, SC

as well as Carol Gillis DVM, PhD of Aiken, SC.

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